TriageTB’s predecessor project, AE-TBC, awarded the Outstanding Research Team Prize at the EDCTP Forum 2021

October 22, 2021



TriageTB is the third project in a series of EDCTP-funded projects focused on investigating the use of host biosignatures to develop a point-of-care triage test for the diagnosis of active tuberculosis (TB). Many partners in our consortium have collaborated for over a decade, first in AE-TBC and then in its follow-up project, ScreenTB, TriageTB’s predecessor.  

Today, we are delighted to announce that the AE-TBC consortium received the Outstanding Research Team Prize at the virtual EDCTP Forum 2021 on October 21.  

Each year, the EDCTP awards the prize to outstanding research teams in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe working on HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and neglected infectious diseases (NID) in the scope of the EDCTP2 Programme.

“The award means a lot to us because it acknowledges the hard work all the project partners did over many years. I think the success of AE-TBC shows that African institutions can lead international research effectively, that long-term relationship between individuals in different institutions across the globe, and in this case across Africa, is very important,” says Prof Gerhard Walzl of Stellenbosch University, Coordinator of AE-TBC, ScreenTB and TriageTB in a video produced by the EDCTP.

Watch the full 3-minute video below for a rundown of the AE-TBC project and what this prize means for all collaborators.


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